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Things You Should Know About Insurance in Newfoundland

Car insurance is the leading business in Newfoundland insurance business. Canadian law requires anyone owning a motor vehicle driven on public roads to have primary coverage. Car owners must be covered by uninsured automobiles, accident liabilities and third parties to a minimum of $ 200,000.

In Newfoundland, people who are involved in accidents with uninsured drivers without fault being traced on them are indemnified by your insurance company under Uninsured Motorist Cover. The law became effective from 1st July 1994. Fatal accident victims earn a benefit of $200,000 while damage to vehicle and property inside together with the cost of hiring a temporary car before repair receives $250.

Types of car insurance covers

Car insurance cushions the policyholder against many perils. In case of responsibility for an accident resulting in injury or death, the holder is sheltered from claims. In the event you destroy another person’s vehicle or property, a Third Party Insurance covers you from paying the damages. Your insurance company settles it for you. Your family and those in the car during an accident are indemnified should they be involved in an accident through an Accident Benefit Cover.

It can also take financial responsibility for your dependents in the event of a policyholder is involved in a fatal crash. Accident Benefit Cover is not applicable in Newfoundland. A Comprehensive insurance cover waives the cost of repairing your car after it has been involved in an accident. Insurance premiums vary depending on the type of car and its price thus potential vehicle owners should find out how it will cost to insure a vehicle before making a buying decision.

Time before making a claim

One must make a written claim to the insurance company within 90 days from suffering victim of an accident. Failure to report waives the legal obligation of the insurer to pay for the application. Other types of insurance prominent in the Province include:

Home Insurance

It covers loss occasioned by, fire, lighting, theft, riot, and burglary to occupied buildings, the impact from vehicle or aircraft, and falling objects but not from Acts of Nature such as snow. If damage occurs to the owner or their dependents, they are exempt from compensation under personal liability cover as they are not considered third parties.

Medical Care Insurance

On 1st April 1969, Medical Care Plan was introduced in Newfoundland Province. It covers genuine residents against the costs of seeking essential healthcare services such as maternity care, surgery and diagnostic services and radiotherapy among others.

Business Insurance

Commercial insurance safeguards company, assets, and employees against loss. Having your business insured gives ample time to pursue organizational goals without having to worry about the unexpected loss.

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