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Texas approved defensive driving course material used to be found only in one place: a big paper handbook in the hands of an instructor in a classroom. That’s not the case any more, thanks to the forward thinking of the Texas Education Agency (TEA). There are now TEA approved defensive driving classes available on the Internet, so you never have to set foot in a classroom to complete your traffic school requirements.

The TEA and other agencies nationwide have realized that offering a Texas defensive driving program on the web is not only more convenient for its students, it can provide a greater rate of completion by the court deadline because students do not need to work around someone else’s schedule to register and complete the class. This is important in the case of people with unusual work schedules, that might have them on the job on the Saturday or weekday evening when the classroom courses are being offered.

Another advantage to online traffic school is that the material is housed on the instructor’s servers. Therefore, when a new law comes into effect or the conventional wisdom about a particular driving technique changes over time, it is a relatively simple matter for the traffic school provider to update their Texas approved defensive driving course with the latest material and make sure that students are not receiving outdated information simply because it would require a reprint to fix it.

This is true in the case of the “10 and 2″ steering wheel hand position, for example. The development of steering wheel-housed airbags and the prevalence of power steering make a lower hand position more advisable in recent findings by experts on driving safety. The old way is not unsafe, it’s just not as good as the new way. Therefore, it would not necessarily warrant a reprint of a paper handbook, but online the change can be made quickly and easily. The same is true of mobile phone use while driving. Any TEA approved defensive driving class is going to need to cover these rules as they are made and adapted, and the only way to keep up when the laws are updated is to have access to every copy of the course material. Online, it’s easy because everyone is sharing the same course material virtually.

Taking a traffic school course is not usually something that people sign up to do unless someone else has required it of them. It may not necessarily be because of a traffic violation or ticket – it could be because an autoinsurance provider has offered a discount for taking defensive driving, or because an employer would like a new employee to verify their driving skills in some way other than being handed the keys to the company car on the first day. It might even be a requirement that a teen driver who just finished their driver education must take the course in order to borrow the family car. No matter what the reason for taking the course, though, online is definitely the way to go to have a convenient, current experience.