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There are two main options to consider when transporting a boat: Hiring a professional and Best Boat transport service provider. Hiring a professional may be the most suitable option if recovering your boat nationally, over a very long distance. Boat transport service provider are specialize in boat transportation, so are able to provide the necessary care and equipment that is dominant to a successful move. Roads are likely to be the cheap option. Selecting a best boat transport company is the main task of the client. Firstly, you will need to select a boat transport company that can transport your load without any hassle. These businesses range from larger, commercial boat transporters to small family-run businesses, so prices may vary significantly.

Client should make sure to get different quotes in order to find the best deal, but not to overly sacrifice quality and experience for price. Dotan Transports can provide you good quality and have good amount of experience in transport services with affordable range of prices. Make use of Dotan’s feedback feature to ensure positive boat transport experience. If you have any questions, do not be scared to ask – boat transport providers will be happy to help. Ensuring your boat transporter has sufficient experience and insurance to cover the cost of the boat and all eventualities. Always be at safer side by asking to see the insurance policy, and never to accept any personal insurance. Keep in mind to converse all aspects of the transportation with the selected company – as well as pickup times, routes, drop-off times and whether cranes will be required at either end. Try to organize drop-off during daylight hours when the recipient will be present, so the condition of the boat can be examined by the client.

Prior to transportation, you should be preparing for your boat transport a week earlier. Make sure that your boat is completely organized for transport before your transporter arrives. If preparation of the boat involves any form of calumniation, it may be useful to take photographs to make reassembly easier.

Please note the following steps to get ready for transportation:

Take away all personal possessions and loose articles in or on the boat.
Lock all hatches, doors and cupboards by taping them. Predominantly on long distances, seal exterior hatches if they are not waterproof.
Drain all fuel and water tanks, and disconnect batteries.
Water systems, such as air conditioning and pumps etc. should be sapped during winter months to shun damage.
Any external structures such as electronic tools or radar units should be removed if possible and padded.
Finally, make a written record of all dent of the boat previous to transportation. Take photographs of the boat from all sides, so should any damage happen during transport, it can easily be proven that it occurred during transportation. Although the boat transport companies will also survey the boat, client should take guarantee that they sign your version prior to departure. After boat transport, inspect the boat thoroughly, as soon as possible, in order to discover any damage. If any damage has occurred, contact the transport company straight away to keep away from any complications. If you used Dotan Transports, remember to leave feedback when the service is over, so that others can be informed from your experience.