A Step Beyond Uncategorized Disability Tax Credit

Disability Tax Credit

People with one of nine long-term disabilities can collect as much as $1,100.00 a year — more if they seek retroactive credits. Anyone who has problems with seeing; speaking, hearing, walking, bowel or bladder functions, feeding, dressing or performing mental functions necessary for everyday life may be eligible for the credit.

For example: If someone isn’t able to walk the length of let’s say a football field unassisted they are likely eligible for the credit. Your doctor may think that you need to be in a wheelchair to be eligible for this credit, but that is not the case.

Anyone who can’t fill out the forms because of bad vision or can’t articulate their thoughts will also likely qualify. Anyone who needs life sustaining therapy to support a vital function, such as dialysis, can also apply.

To be considered, the impairment must have lasted, or be expected to last for at least 12 months.

Doctors. optometrists, audiologists, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, speech language pathologists, and other medical professionals can sign the required forms.

The doctor only has to sign for one condition in order for you to get the credit.

According to MP Chris Charlton (NDP-Hamilton Mountain), many people still do not know about this tax credit. The tax credit has been around since 1988 and Charlton estimates that two million taxpayers may be eligible for it.

Charlton says since doctors, who are required to sign forms, aren’t experts on tax laws and accountants can’t make medical diagnoses, the tax credit program can fall through the cracks.