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What is an inheritance? An inheritance is money or other property that you get from someone who has died. Most often an inheritance comes from a parent, another relative, or a close friend. An inheritance can include life insurance money that you receive when someone dies.Getting an inheritance can affect your eligibility for Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) benefits. […]


Under ODSP, you have essentially the same obligations as you had under Ontario Works (to report any income, changes in your circumstances, such as boarders, co-residents, change of address, children’s attendance at school, changes in rent, etc.). You can expect to have a financial  review on a yearly basis, at which time you will be asked to show […]

Five-step plan to help you reduce your debt

Are you feeling overwhelmed with debt? Worried about how much you are spending on interest each month? Lowering the amount of debt you carry can significantly improve your credit profile, reduce loan rates and can save you a lot in interest payments. It just takes a few easy steps and a little dedication to take  control of […]

About Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance System

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) is part of an Ontario-wide system. The system is designed to help protect workers from injury or illness in the workplace, and to help them if they do suffer an injury. Most Ontario employers must have workplace insurance coverage by law. Employers pay the premiums for their workers […]

Rental Opportunity for Ontario Families

The province has announced a new program called ROOF (Rental Opportunity for Ontario Families). The ROOF program gives a $100 allowance per month that is paid directly to low income working families (those with children and net incomes below $20,000) to assist with either private market or social housing rent. Starting January 2008, the Province […]

Credit and Debt Counseling

A Step Beyond. ca provides: Information, Education and E-Learning opportunities in the areas of: Budgeting and Money Management Alternatives to Debt Consolidation and Payday Loans Assistance through the Bankruptcy Process Credit and Debt Counselling Tools and Techniques Managing Money, Credit and Debt Repayment Financial Planning Tools

City of Thunder Bay

City of Thunder Bay Tax Deferral Program for Low-Income Seniors and Low-Income Persons with Disabilities Low-income seniors and low-income persons with disabilities may apply for a partial deferral of property taxes. The tax deferral applies to the tax increase in the current year (greater of $100 or 10% of the previous year’s taxes) and not […]


This pamphlet is for people who are  applying to Ontario Works (OW)    for financial assistance. Sometimes OW  assistance is called “welfare”.  This type of assistance is for people who  need money because:  they cannot find work,  they are temporarily unable to work,  they are earning so little that they qualify for assistance, or  they are applying to the Ontario  Disability Support Program […]

Life and Money Management Strategies

Welcome to Life and Money Management Strategies. We will discuss: being organized, goal setting, savings planning, managing money, budgeting, overspending, recreation, fun and celebrating. We will also discuss: •what it takes to make changes to your situation. •some of the hurdles to overcome such as: •the terminology itself is a barrier for some, •the barrage […]

Disability Tax Credit

People with one of nine long-term disabilities can collect as much as $1,100.00 a year — more if they seek retroactive credits. Anyone who has problems with seeing; speaking, hearing, walking, bowel or bladder functions, feeding, dressing or performing mental functions necessary for everyday life may be eligible for the credit. For example: If someone […]